Adverts, Adverts All Around…!

September 22, 2023

If it wasn’t bad enough that utube has adverts every time you want to watch a podcast or even just play a tune, now Prime is going to join its ranks and generate more income by showing adverts.

Well it’s my assumption that they just haven’t decided to be magnanimous to advertisers and show the adverts for zero cost and rely on the fact that people will pay for the privilege of not having to watch them, so they will be raking it in every which way.

Somewhere there’s a meme of someone turning their head away from their screen showing a utube advert; I’m not that bad, but equally I just switch off and/or make a mental note never to buy from any company that I see advertising. This may be unfair: they probably just pay a lump sum to an ad agency to look after promoting their brand, but it’s my dirty protest.

Do they honestly think I’m going to stop and listen to someone telling me about their new training programme which means Shaneece now can sit at home and earn money from tutoring or how Sally from Australia is selling e-books and making a mint without even holding any stock… I wish them well but I will look out of the window or switch off until I can hit on the “Skip” button on the screen.

So there’s an app that comes with a test kit that allows you to test what foods are best for you… how is it going to stop you from buying that packet of chocolate hobnobs unless a hand reaches out from your screen, takes it out of your basket and puts it back on the shelf whilst tutting loudly to embarrass you in front of all the other shoppers?!

And does Mr Cadbury know that his chocolate ads are competing against the above said App-no more dairy milk ?!

Perhaps someone should tell these advertisers that once we have seen something repeatedly, our brain is able to tune it out.

It did occur to me that given we can share utube videos on certain chat sites without any of the wretched adverts that there had to be a browser somewhere that will allow me to avoid wasting my life listening to things that have no relevance to me. Because I would rather cancel Prime than pay not to watch the ads.

The Duck Duck Go browser currently has such a browser, but how long that will work for I am not sure.



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