Wondering What Business to Set Up?

September 11, 2023

In network break out groups, we sometimes get people asking us about ideas of what to do business wise.

I would say that you have to establish what amount of income you are looking for. By this I mean that if you are getting a pension already and just looking for something that keeps you occupied and love working with wood, then making items to sell online could be something you would like to do. Maybe something has happened to you personally which has prompted you to look into a product or service. For example, one of my contacts did not understand why he always had breathing problems, but only when he went home. He subsequently discovered that paraffin wax, used in many commercial candles, was causing his problems; new business sorted!

If you need a more regular source of income, then have a think about what skills you may have that could be refined. Is there something you are interested in but need additional training?

Here are links to some
Our Armed Forces has a Career Transition Partnership that will help:

Regardless of the time you have served, they will help you to prepare to get work via CV writing, interview techniques, and they work with employers who have an interest in recruiting ex forces personnel. This service is available to you from two years before you leave until two years after.

Regardless, leaving the Forces can be quite an unsettling time for some, as discussed in the following document:


Support is available from a number of sources such as:


We hope this community will also give you the ability to chat with others and get the support you need when you need it.



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