British Humour

July 23, 2023

Those of us who grew up in the 70s used to wonder why we were ushered to our rooms on Saturday nights when programmes such as Dave Allen and the Dick Emery shows were on.

As a child, I never understood why adults giggled over “Mrs Slocomb’s pussy” or the Carry On’s “I’ve got a lovely pair…”. But it does appear that us Brits do love a bit of smutty talk and double entendres; even to this day, you can’t watch an episode of “Great British Bake Off” without a mention of  terms such as “soggy bottoms” and “cream horns”.

In my mind, there is a clear distinction between these comments and crude chat which is clearly uncalled for. We do not condone any form of vulgar or offensive behaviour on this site.

I really hope that this humour will survive the current period of snowflakes and over-emphasis on being PC. Failing which, someone is going to have to rename a few towns, villages and  streets in the UK:

  • Brokenwind
  • Brown Willy
  • Balls Cross
  • Bell End
  • Bitchfield
  • Boggy Bottom
  • Butt Hole Road
  • Butthole Lane
  • Catbrain
  • Crackpot
  • Crapstone
  • Clitheroe
  • Cockermouth
  • Cockfosters
  • Cocks
  • Crotch Crescent
  • Droop
  • Dicks Mount
  • Ding Dong
  • Fattiehead
  • Fanny Barks
  • Fanny Hands Lane
  • Fingringhoe
  • Hooker Road
  • Hardon Road
  • Loose Bottom
  • Minge Lane
  • Mudchute
  • Nob End
  • Penistone
  • Pratt’s Bottom
  • Rotten End
  • Spunkie
  • Stranagalwilly
  • Sandy Balls
  • Scratchy Bottom
  • Sluts Hole Lane
  • Slag Lane
  • Shitterton
  •  Twatt
  • Upperthong
  • Upper Dicker
  • Wetwang

If you know of any funny street or sign names, do share a pic with us !



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