Saturday Sounds: 18th May 2024

May 18, 2024

Yesterday was a reminder that life nearly always seems to give me something to smile about when I am in need.

It wasn’t the best of starts to the week; but as with all things, there is no point in going back to a restaurant where there is nothing on the menu that appeals, albeit how much you like the owner.  However, walking away is tough, especially when you’ve stopped to chat and they have kept you talking for days …

Firstly the sun was shining from the get go; it’s always so much nicer waking up to blue skies – somehow the daily morning chores don’t seem as onerous!

But it wasn’t until I checked in on social media and found a comment back from someone who was going to be running with the Olympic flame that day, along with 3 other current and former stars of my favourite rugby club, and yet had found the time to message me.

Not forgetting that when I had shared this track with the lads before a huge match back in 2022, one of them had used it a week later as a background music to one of their social media posts. I remember showing my daughter as she had in fact suggested the piece of music in the first place.

Maybe some day she too will start to understand that regardless of people’s status in the world, they still connect with us lesser mortals and give a little acknowledgement back.

It’s humbling and very special.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever it brings and when things get tough, I hope you too find someone to make you smile.

Merci MM



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