6 Nations: Round 3

February 26, 2024

Yesterday saw the end of round 3 of the 6 Nations with three main outcomes:

  • Ireland carried on their path to a second grand slam
  • Scotland were worthy winners at Murrayfield
  • Italy deserved to win

As I’ve already mentioned after watching them play at the beginning of the month, I doubt very much that anyone is going to stop Ireland from winning the 6N tournament this year. The atmosphere at Murrayfield looked amazing, made all the more delicious by spotting Gerard Butler in the crowd. Finn’s touches were sublime and it was lovely to see him smiling as he lifted the Culcutta Cup at the end with Rory Darge. Duhi’s yellow card at the end of the match did little to cause any lessening of his hat-trick and man of the match celebrations

Onto Sunday and a match that should have been won by Italy; we played badly and were lucky to come away with the draw. The fact that movement of French players towards the kicker taking the penalty should have caused the penalty to be retaken 10  metres closer to the posts will be debated for a long time. Moments like this can make the difference between winning and losing and it would really have been a travesty if Italy had walked away pointless after the 80 minutes.

I did think that the decision to red card Danty was harsh, but as always we accept the outcome and we paid the price of what was described on TV as lazy tackling.

Watching the match with a former team player in a home environment was interesting; the pacing, the cigarette smoking…  Normally I am the one shouting at the TV and banging my rugby cushion on the sofa, but this time it was someone else’s emotions that took centre stage in the lounge.

Glad to  report that, as you can see, my cushion is still just missing one bobble, so all good!





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