Dealing with eMail

August 16, 2023

Anyone ever look at their emails and think “urgh” ?

Most of the time I am fine opening the various email software to see what has come in overnight, but I have to admit that from time to time, I do have that moment of dread.

Do I really want to click on that email and have to deal with what may be in it…?

You know you’ve got to, but I guess the longer you leave it, you can put off what you believe it may contain.

I’ve never stopped to dig into what may have caused this until today but wonder if this relates to something from my past (the Dhead from GB as we all called him).  When a snake is discovered, they make all sorts of threatening postures and noises to try and scare you off.  This particular snake didn’t scare me, but dealing with his regular demands, refusal to provide reasons for his actions, counter accusations all became part of my daily life for about seven years.

He even managed to persuade a lawyer friend of his (albeit from the conveyancing sector) to write threatening letters to me. Eventually this became a joke and my replies would consist of “please refer to my letters of x date”. The conveyancer immediately gave up when he once received a reply from an email account with the name of a very successful legal company… Yes there are kind solicitors out there.

Maybe today’s recognition of this will help me in the future not to dread opening my mail so often. I hope so.

Having said this, don’t be afraid to close your email link from time to time; especially if you’re focussing on something else.  You don’t need to be distracted by the notification that something has come into your email box.

Equally if you’re waiting for a reply from someone, checking it every 10 minutes won’t make it arrive any faster !



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