March 1, 2024

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Setting up a business in natural personal care and body pampering products isn’t the most obvious business you would have thought that a hardened matelot of 8 years but also a biker would have ventured into (you will find him riding out on the South Wales Roads on his Triumph speed twin 900), but this is indeed the path taken by Paul Gower

Life often throws us challenges and sometimes these setbacks themselves can lead us onto new ventures. For Paul, the discovery that his asthma and COPD symptoms was greatly controlled when he stopped using candles and wax melts that we routinely find in both high street and online, was a key “eureka” moment. This also led onto using natural deodorants as well.

You can understand why Paul is so passionate about getting us to really think about what we allow to get in contact with our skin and body. A reminder that we inhale the fumes given off by a burning candle and any nasties will not only get absorbed into our bloodstream, but cause damage to the cells in our lungs. Once these cells are damaged, the cilia (little hairs) can’t work to “brush” impurities out and not being able to get adequate oxygen around the body is not good for our health, especially as we age.

Got an event or celebration coming up? Whether it’s your wedding day, a girlie weekend or grandad’s 80th, there is something for everyone (yes males included!). Paul can put together bespoke packages for your celebration or any other corporate event.

The majority of products available from Elegant Infusions are sourced and made in the UK, so in buying from his company, you are also supporting small UK manufacturers. Special discounts are also available for all veterans and their families via Defence Discount Service, so go ahead and treat yourself!



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