Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2024

Although January’s Blue Monday is regarded as the most depressing day of the year. there are certain trigger dates of the year which can be really hard for us, especially if associated with losing someone we care about.

The same applies to “the first Christmas/Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Birthday/Anniversary” after someone we love has died. I can remember going into a card shop at the end of February after losing my Mum earlier that month and seeing the Mothers’ Day cards displayed; the realisation that I had bought my last card for her the year before was really hard and I had to leave the shop very quickly.

Today is Valentine’s, a day to celebrate love and making special moments with our partner. The build up starts early on in the month, with shops displaying cards, love shaped chocolates, candles, cushions and of course pink champagne. The radio starts playing love songs and suddenly everyone seems to be carrying bouquets of red roses…

Hence, for those not in a relationship, Valentine’s can be a very depressing day, a reminder that they are alone and all the negative connotations that come along with this. When we tend to primarily value ourselves through what we see as “the norm” or what we believe that society perceives we should be (attached), then it’s hard.

Cue a really lovely idea from one of my neighbours who organised a “singles” night; not as a dating event but for those of us without a partner to be together and just enjoy ourselves. She cooked a lovely meal and seven of us played “Linkee” afterwards around the table. We laughed and teased each other, people got over excited and shouted out answers, but no one took it seriously.

Above all, it was something to look forward to and for that I thank you M; you truly have a kind and caring heart.



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