Losing a Pet

November 14, 2023

Yesterday we had to make the hardest decision any pet owner will have to make: when to call it a day on your sick dog.

Those of you who have read my previous posts about Lucy will know that she was diagnosed with osteo sarcoma on 3rd August and been given 6-8 weeks. Lucy being Lucy decided that she would do things her own way and carried on for 15 weeks and 5 days, a testament to the fiery spirit she demonstrated from a young age.

She told Logan off when he did anything wrong and taught him that dogs do not go upstairs. She would always be the first in and out of the door and head of the queue for treats. She had to be the one to bring back the toy although she tolerated Logan carrying the other side if it wasn’t a ball. She growled at some people who came too close to the car window while putting her paw on the glass to others. It was like she knew who was safe to let close to her family.

She loved meeting people and I have many memories of her having fun from days out at the park to chilling with her ball in local cafes and pubs with friends.

Over the last couple of days, she was showing us in her own way that it was time; not wanting to walk further than about 20 meters from the house or to eat much – a completely alien concept for a Labrador ! That’s when we knew that we had to make the hardest decision for her own good.

Lucy went to sleep with a favourite squeaky toy in her mouth, lots of kisses and belly scratches. The vet was someone we trusted and who confirmed that we’d made the right decision. As we left, she said: I’ll tell the others here, Lucy was very much loved.

It’s truly surreal to see your pup lying there knowing she will never move again, but we know she is out of pain. At some point, I know I will move on to remembering the many memories of the 11 years of her life that she shared with us, rather than focussing on the last few days of heartbreak…

We are lucky to have a very kind business owner who lives about 5 minutes away from the surgery who takes care of pets once they have passed. I’ll be collecting her ashes today and she’ll go into a wooden box we’ve had for many years by the fireplace.

I’m already missing her face and wagging tail at the bottom of the stairs every time I walk down; run free beautiful velvety eared pup ♥

In Memory of Swanness Lady Lucy
18th April 2012 – 13 November 2023



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