May 12, 2024

I had some bad news last night: LL, someone I had met in a UK online group sadly passed away last week. Another member who knew her personally dropped by to let us know. I gather it came as a shock to them, but given LL and I had been chatting on WA for about a year, I knew she had been suffering with bad health and had been undergoing tests earlier this year.

LL had been one of two of the original moderators in the group, but had resigned due to the number of people that had been subsequently added by the room owner. Sadly this is all too common online because it’s often about room popularity stakes and people make the mistake of thinking that appointing someone to an official title in a group will ensure they keep coming back. As a result, when I joined myself, I was amazed at the number of people who were moderators and yet exhibited neither the values nor standards I expected. They wanted to be treated with bows when they came online and were very quick to boot anyone who dared to challenge their opinions.

I contrast this with my long term rugby group which is a break away from a former group where the room owners did nothing to remove bots and people who came in to harass the women either openly in the room by posting extremely lewd memes or by “sliding into our PMs” as one of the other guys phrases it. The group owner keeps a tight ship and is quick to boot anyone who behaves in an improper manner; he also has a zero tolerance for the unsolicited thirsty conduct. This is how a room should be run.

LL had been a member of the RAF for many years and still kept in active contact with former colleagues. Together with the humour and wit that came from her Irish roots, you were therefore guaranteed good banter and tales from her many years serving when she was around. Loyal to her very core, as you would expect from a veteran, she had a way of showing people “the man in the mirror”, so she was not always popular with those who were low hanging fruit …

RIP LL and know that you were valued; thanks for your kindness and friendship. I hope you get a chance to finally meet your GOAT Jonah Lomu.




This morning, I saw a post on an online neighbourhood site encouraging people to complete a response to an adjourning council’s annoucement that it was

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