Saturday Sounds: 10th February 2024

February 10, 2024

Today is going to be hard, so glad friend is coming over to be with me.

I should have been up in Edinburgh today, even if it was just watching the game on the big screen in the sitting room, albeit possibly from opposite sides of the sofa! So it’s nice that Flo is here, and brought my fave Carambars and some  Toulouse sausages to make cassoulet this evening. It’s nice to be spoilt and just know we’re comfortable together.

After our display in Marseille last week, I must say I’m quite nervous about our match today in Scotland. We lost there last August in the away warm up game prior to the world cup. Home advantage is huge and I know the team will be looking to re-establish themselves after nearly losing to Wales last week. But at the end of the day, if we are to lose to anyone, Scotland is the one that doesn’t feel as sickening.

Much will depend on the key scrum position, Lucu is a good player, but at international level has not had the pressure of having to open a game and has always had the luxury of having a very healthy lead on the scoreboard. It’s a different mindset; if this doesn’t work then I think FG will have to look for someone who is able to control the game in the same way as Toto; I think Nolann could excel here as he seems to have that same vision.

When people discuss their favourite anthems, ours is always up there, but I’m not the only one that finds the Scottish one sung at Murrayfield is pretty special too. Here’s hoping Gerard Butler is somewhere in the audience; always a pleasure.

Enjoy your respective matches everyone !

So this track is for you Pooh Bear; your favourite GM song.















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