Saturday Sounds: 23rd March

March 23, 2024


Have you ever had a phone call from a friend telling you off because you’ve put a song in their head?!!

I got a Skype from a friend earlier accusing me  of this and it made me laugh: imagine all 6ft nigh on 100kg of a former centre making coffee with this song playing in the background and yes he was shaking his (very cute) tushie !!

We’d been cooking together the previous week and as many of you already know, I do like my tunes when in the kitchen. It’s fun to cook for friends and maybe some of that feel good factor mixes in with the food – every bit helps as I’m no measuring chef; i just fling, taste and adjust. Probably much as my Mum used to do, but then she was a really good cook – there were never any left overs from the many receptions and dinners held at our house in France.

It’s rare to go anywhere to socialise now without there being music in the background and that’s kinda nice. When I met my friend for an afternoon catch up today, we were sitting in a little nook area of a new pub in town and the other lady in there was singing along to the songs from every era from the 80s to present day.

At one point she looked across to us and apologised but we were quick to re-assure her that it wasn’t an issue for us, quite the contrary in fact. From  my perspective, as someone who is very open about my feelings and been known to wiggle while standing in a supermarket queue, it was nice to see someone else giving in to their inner child. The persona that isn’t afraid to demonstrate now they feel and have not yet been inhibited by the standards imposed on us by society.

What song makes you want to dance or sing along to at the moment?



This morning, I saw a post on an online neighbourhood site encouraging people to complete a response to an adjourning council’s annoucement that it was

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