Saturday Sounds: 28th October 2023

October 28, 2023

Scary start to the morning with so many police and other security vans, unmarked cars and motor bikes driving down the main road parallel to our apartment. And just when we thought we had got away from whatever it was, we turned into the road beside the Louvre only to be faced with about 20 gendarmes coming towards us fully armed and holding riot shields; I’m used to seeing armed police, but couple of the friends found it a bit hairy…

So today’s going to be a day of culture inside the largest and most visited museum in the world with collections ranging from ancient civilisations to the mid 19th century. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been in the Louvre, but I have never seen it all as we tend to visit the same pieces each time.

I think we are heading back to the left bank for tonight’s meal and will then find a sports bar to watch the final of the RWC. Everyone else is supporting the All Blacks, but in the absence of my lads, I’ll remain steadfastly superficial and support the team with the best looking players #EbenOnEarth and #Handre.

Wherever you are, enjoy the rugby and may the best team win on the night!



This morning, I saw a post on an online neighbourhood site encouraging people to complete a response to an adjourning council’s annoucement that it was

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