Saturday Sounds: 29th July 2023

July 29, 2023

I am not always a fan of remixes but this one incorporates one of my favourite Summer Tunes: the Shapeshifters and Lola’s Theme.

Instant throwback to 2004 when Saturday nights were mostly spent at the KatsBar along with 2 friends. So much fun and something I would look forward to; it was my time off from work and being a mum. We all need that time. Plus it also meant that if I wanted to have a drink, I could crash at my friend’s house about 5  minutes walk away until it was safe to drive home the following day.

I like going to the regular haunts with the girls, we know where we can park, the staff smile and you know that they will make sure you don’t get any trouble from anyone.

It was the same in London when I used to be a regular at Stringfellows and Xenon; I would feel safe. You always knew you could get a cab home afterwards and the way there, you could ponder which cocktail you were going to have when you got there.

What memories and/or music from your past make you smile?



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