SME Business Stressors #1

September 21, 2023

As a small business owner, my days are action packed and long. I admit that I’m a perfectionist and no one can do something the way I want, which means I have to do it myself. Delegation isn’t part of my working dictionary and in any case, one man bands have no one to pass the jobs on to.

Today’s 5th item: print off overnight orders, pack and buy postage online via the Royal Mail website. This should have been easy until the second time I tried to pay with Paypal. They decide that I had to prove my identity (which I already did last week) and I therefore needed to input a code which they had text me.

We’ve always had signal issues here, even paying for the bigger brands hasn’t helped. I can’t get a text unless I’m outside or if I am lucky, when I am upstairs in my bedroom. Who takes a mobile into the office area when they can’t receive calls or texts…

I recognise the need for additional precautions to safeguard people’s financial accounts, but please spare a thought for people in areas with poor mobile network coverage.

Today I was lucky and the text had come in, so I didn’t have to walk outside and wait for a signal which can sometimes take a few minutes. Guess the sun was shining in more ways than one!



This morning, I saw a post on an online neighbourhood site encouraging people to complete a response to an adjourning council’s annoucement that it was

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