Starting Up? Don’t Overpay for Products & Services !

September 13, 2023

When you start up in business, one of the hardest things you may find is being able to avoid paying too much for goods and services.

It takes experience to know that you don’t have to pay £3k for a simple website

No company can guarantee you first page on google if you start paying them a monthly fee for managing your website’s SEO.

You don’t need to sign up for a mobile contract that is going to set you back £55 a month. Given you have unlimited broadband at home, buying a mobile can be as cheap as £130 online and SIM only contracts with over 10 gig of monthly data, unlimited calls and texts can be yours for around £12 a month.

You don’t need to sign yourself up to a monthly network group with a lock in period at not insignificant cost which requires you to recommend work to others in the group and attend weekly meetings under pain of being struck off the group. There are many network groups that are free to join. The FSB offers such meetings, both physical and online. X forces is another organisation that helps armed forces who are looking to set up their own business. In addition to the bi monthly meetings, you can also get training, have someone mentor you as you set up in business.

Use comparison websites to get prices for insurances; don’t agree to signing on the line at the first offer you may get.

Don’t agree to someone doing your website for you without speaking to others who have used them; even if someone recommends a web designer, is that the right person for you to use? Have a look at their work and above all check their pricing. If you site is going to be essentially a “business card” and by that I mean no database of products or ecommerce requirements, then you should be able to get something for less than £500.

Never allow a third party to buy your domain name; this is really important. Some will even charge you for this privilege!

Trust your instincts, remember that gut feeling you had when you were serving? Well that applies in civvy street as well. If something feels wrong, walk away.

Use the Forums here to ask any questions. This is one of the main reasons we have set up the site; to help you on your journey once you have left the Forces.

A few of our admin team run their own business and are here to help you. We can signpost and make suggestions; just click on the contact and fill in your details and someone will get back to you



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