Vets Fees

September 7, 2023

Sadly our amazing vet sold his practice about 2 years ago, something I understand completely as he wanted more time for himself and his personal life.

I never thought this would be much of an impact until I started hearing stories earlier this year; close friends received a letter from the Kennel Club stating that they would not be paying for a couple of the charges that had been itemised on the costs associated with their spaniel operation last year.

You can imagine my surprise when they told me there had been a charge of £4.64 for picking up a poo and £70+ charge for making a call to refer him to a specialist clinic! Given this, I am surprised Toby wasn’t charged for breathing while he was with them…..

Add to that they now charge us £30 for making a claim direct to PetPlan unless you pay them in full each time (fine when you just need to pay for annual jabs etc, but I don’t keep £4k in my current account for that emergency surgery or CT scan a pet can need. We never needed to pay before; what next, am I to be charged when they invoice me or print off a receipt?!

Best was being quoted £1,790 for removing a wart and getting one of my dogs’ teeth cleaned up.
A £6 bone from the local pet shop did the trick to clean her gnashers and she removed the wart herself !

If anyone else has a pet, the Competition and Markets Authority has launched a review looking at consumer experiences and business practices in the provision of veterinary services for household pets in the UK.

If you’ve got a pet and been affected by similar doubling or more of pricing and would like to input, here’s a link for their form:
Click on the link about a third of the way down the above page.



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