Business & Community Awards

October 6, 2023

Yesterday I saw a friend post a pole on a business community asking if anyone would pay to be nominated for an award. The response to date remains a 100% “No”.

I have previously written of not being a fan of network groups where you have to pay not only to attend, but because this locks out anyone else who is offering products and services similar to yours. I have also attended “free to attend groups” where only premium members were allowed to do a presentation to others in the group.

Perhaps the fairest group I have been a member of was one where our monthly payment covered the refreshments, room hire and lunch and the rest went to CAFT, a local centre that offers respite care and day trips for families with children suffering from disability or life limiting conditions.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) organises annual regional awards and winners from each group are put forward to the national ceremony a few months later. Military personnel are served by various awards once they have left the service such as the “British ex Forces in Business” with its Scottish counterpart ceremony for those north of the border.

Prior to writing this, I went online to see what I could find about other awards made such as charitable and community work and found a link to a recording of evidence given to the Public Administration Committee, which albeit over ten years old is quite interesting:

High profile awards aside, I do note an increasing number of awards notified on business social media and wonder about the criteria of their selection process(es)

Do we need a firmer control on nominees for awards?
Would you nominate someone just because they were part of your business network and they asked you to ?

What are your thoughts?



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