Bank Branch Closure Update + New Opportunities for Some SMEs ?

October 5, 2023

Here is a list of the dates and locations where this Bank will be closing more of its high street branches:

 Southgate, October 5

 Woodley, October 5

Stanmore, October 10

 Tiverton, October 10

 Parkhouse Industrial Estate, October 11

 London, October 11  (Unit 29 Rosevale Road, Unit 5, The Willett Building)

Beckton, October 12

 Weybridge, October 12

Wickersley, October 17

 Prestwich, October 18

 Tavistock, October 18

 Alton, October 19

 Exmouth, October 19

 Norwich, October 31

Wanstead, October 31

 Leicester, November 2

 Camborne, November 7

 Plymouth, November 7

 Colchester, November 7

 Ipswich, November 8

 Shotton, November 9

 London, November 9

 Dingwall, November 1 (Royal Bank of Scotland)

Dundee, November 2 (Royal Bank of Scotland)

West Kirkby, Merseyside, July 2024

Stalybridge, July 2024

As a customer of an affected branch, you may already have had a letter or seen posters at the affected location. NatWest assures its customers that they have done this in response to an increased (whatever this means as they have not provided a figure – even 1 more customer banking online from a branch makes this statement correct).

They will be providing vulnerable and regular users with support over the transition according to their website.

If you have been affected, don’t forget that your local post office will allow you to both withdraw and pay in cash and cheques. Our PO certainly is very helpful and you can usually find someone in the queue to have a chat with while you wait.

On a more positive note, this could open up a route to get new customers for anyone who does business in the types of services that banks used to cross sell while you were waiting at the counter such as insurance and foreign currency.

Maybe there is even scope for storage units to start offering fireproof safes for people who prefer to keep important documents away from their home.

One man’s (albeit a very large PLC in this instance) loss is another man’s gain, so good luck to you if your company can benefit !



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