November 25, 2023

In exactly a month’s time, it’s going to be Christmas day, probably the one day in the day that we tend to be either positive, neutral or negative about; there are no shades of grey. As a child I found it magical, the tree covered in baubles, garlands and dotted with tinsel covered chocolates and sweets. As a parent, early years with kids getting excited about Santa are equally special, but as time moves on and we don’t have enough family around us to make the day worthwhile, it can become more of a chore or perhaps just something we just go through the motions of because everyone one else is.

Christmas can bring joy and happiness to many people, but this doesn’t apply to everyone. People’s feelings about Christmas can vary widely depending on their personal experiences, beliefs, and circumstances.  It can also cause financial pressures on people and deciding which set of parents to visit on the day can be delicate to say the least.

For some, Christmas is a time of celebration, togetherness, and joy, marked by traditions like gift-giving, spending time with loved ones, eating and drinking and festive decorations. These aspects of the holiday can indeed bring happiness to many. I was with a friend yesterday who loves everything associated with the festive season, from the Norway Spruce with its perfect smell to making sure that a full Christmas dinner is ready for the beautifully decorated table.

However, not everyone has positive associations with Christmas. Some individuals may have experienced difficult or traumatic events during the holiday season, leading them to feel sadness or stress during this time. I think we all know which of our friends are more bah humbug, but we need to be careful not to

Additionally, some people may not celebrate Christmas due to their religious or cultural beliefs, and for them, the holiday may not hold the same significance.

Are you looking forward to Christmas?



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