Dog Tired Zoomers

September 25, 2023

It’s only just 10h on a Monday morning and I already feel the need to take Logan out for a long walk to clear my head after #meeting1 of the week.

Who sets up a 9h morning meeting and expects to get a good response? I am generally awake before 7h, so at least I’ve had a minimum of 2 cups of coffee by the time I need to log in, but you can tell that some have just rolled out of bed,  brushed their hair and made a hot drink.

In meetings generally, I can group people into four main types of attendees:
(1) the funny ones: always up for a joke and bit of banter regardless – great; they also don’t tend to say anything unless it’s relevant – even better! I need more people like these.
(2) the ones that say something that makes you realise they aren’t interested in proceedings but just want to whine about something and get some sympathy (good luck with that on a Monday morning!)
(3) the people that just sit there staring at their screen – if they didn’t blink or occasionally move, you would think they had substituted a screen shot of themselves.
(4) those who have something to say about every single topic, regardless of their level of expertise; it’s like they feel they have to say something…

On a more positive note, I hung some washing outside to dry earlier and it doesn’t look like I will have to run outside to get it back in for the time being, well fingers crossed on that one anyway!

I need to clear my head and refocus on what needs to be done today.

Come on Logan, let’s go and see if I can find you some late blackberries in the hedges.  We’ll bring some back for Lucy as well.



This morning, I saw a post on an online neighbourhood site encouraging people to complete a response to an adjourning council’s annoucement that it was

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