Characters in Books and Films

September 26, 2023

Him this morning:
You seem mildly tigger ish if I may say so

My reply:
you may… I am quite bouncy 😄

Winnie the Pooh seems to feature quite regularly in our conversations; when either of us is a bit down, we call it being Eeyorish. When the emotions change to contemplating life, it’s Piglet; food porn is definitely Pooh Bear!

I’ve since found a site the lists the various AA Milne characters under eight main psychological mindsets:

As we go through life, we come across various characters in books and films, fictional or otherwise, some of whom resonate more than others. The best writers have the ability to make us truly “feel” these; great actors can take on a role and do the same for us on-screen.

Many of us can empathise with the young soldiers in this year’s Oscar winning film “All Quiet on the Western Front”; from their naivety and excitement in thinking they were doing the best for their country to the subsequent horrors they encountered.

Which little girl didn’t grow up dreaming that some day her prince would come; maybe that’s why many of us just love our shoes?!

Who didn’t want to fly when they first read Peter Pan and subsequently watched Iron Man? The ultimate freedom they both had to just take off when they wanted – liberating…

Neuroscientists have done experiments using MRI to see which parts of the brain are activated when we read, by measuring blood flow. These studies confirm how much we can relate to characters on the page. It appears that, for example, when we read about a character walking, it lights up the same part of our brain when we see or imagine movement.

I can remember my daughter when she was about four, asking me if Ducky Petry and Spike (dinosaurs from “the Land Before Time”) were going to come on holiday with us. For her, these dinosaurs had become real.

Do you associate with any characters from fiction or real life? Care to share ?



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