Saturday Sounds: 4th May 2024

May 4, 2024

A blast from the past which I’d forgotten about which had been used as the background track to an Instagram post I shared in the Racing group earlier in the week. It was a reminder of the days when people did the fun stuff spontaneously.

I have so many memories of my childhood, some came flooding back yesterday when I was telling someone about my fun weekends playing cowboys and indians with my friends. From pretending to have horses in the garden to actually going out into the forest on my weekly riding lessons or being allowed to ride on the Shetland ponies when they were not being used; life was fun and above all carefree.

We’ve raced on Wheelie bins down the road, fallen in each other’s ponds and who doesn’t have a bright idea about tying skating boards to the back of a bike and letting your friends pull you around the playground.

There was no one there to tell you it was against health and safety, thus stifling your sense of adventure at an early age.  A child’s brain normally has respect for elders, and could therefore register for example, that experimenting is dangerous. Britain used to be renown for invention, time will tell if this is still the case …

Amongst some of the nicest tributes I heard earlier this week about Ayrton Senna was from his nephew Bruno who said that his uncle was just a kid at heart and he enjoyed the best of times when it was just them as a family when Ayrton could just relax and have fun as opposed to being focused on being the best in the world.  He used to love to prank around as others have commented.

I did laugh hearing Gerhard Berger telling the story of the photo he inserted into Ayrton’s passport, not to mention the frogs he put into the bed….
This is a fun interview:

What’s the last prank you’ve pulled on someone?





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