Why Join “Behind The Hilt” ?

September 29, 2023

The film “White Christmas” has always been one of my top 10 chick flicks, but it now represents something much deeper.

For those of you who haven’t seen this movie, whilst it is a typical romantic musical, a lot of it features around the character of Major General Thomas F. Waverly of the US Army. Following his retirement from service, he has invested most of his money into a hotel in Vermont which is now in serious financial trouble. The denouement of the film centres around his former troops, unbeknown to him, being asked to come to the hotel and spend Christmas there with their family. Cue tissues as they all sing “The Old Man” as they did when he retired at the beginning of the film.

Oh course it’s essentially a Hollywood rom com, but the sentiment behind the above synopsis runs parallel with one of the aims of this community. Knowing that your former mates, as well as others who have served, are here and you can reach out to them, allows you to reconnect and support each other, as well as meet new people.

Creating an account on this site does not mean you are committing to being here other than when you have time. Sharing funny memes and pictures is easy to do and you can also comment on each other’s posts. It’s nice to know what your friends are doing and of course taking the mick when it’s needed ! For some people here, this will mean so much and perhaps even in ways that they will never feel able to articulate, so thank you on their behalf.

Please also use the community to set up groups, promote any unit reunions or anything related to the welfare of those who have served.

We will be featuring a regular spotlight on each of you who have set up a business, to let others know what you’re doing so you can support each other commercially as well wherever possible. It’s like having an online NAAFI, but this time you’re buying from a former serving forces member.

We will reach out to those of you we have already met, but please refer someone you know via our contact page. Your story will allow you to link to your webpage and any social media –  you know how much Google likes sites with links so this will help to enhance your online presence.

If you’ve read this far, thank you and I hope you can join us and help to grow this community.




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