Learning My Self Worth

July 14, 2023

It’s really quite hard to learn how to navigate through life and recognise who you really are.

This is particularly true when you have come out of an abusive relationship, regardless of whether it is personal or related to work. By this time, you’ve been worn down over a long period and you need time to heal first before you can move on; you need to undo all the doubts and mend the broken blocks.

I wasn’t able to do that whilst bringing up two teens, worrying about whether I would get attacked again and how to pay the monthly bills unless I burnt both ends of the candle.

I would not call myself healed, but I know that focussing on this community has given me a new blank canvas to work on.

I know I have changed and now have a new mindset:

  • Delete the old version of myself in your head, it expired last year. There are new rules now.
  • My self respect will always be greater than my desire to be liked by everyone.
  • I will stand in my own truth and I don’t need the validation of others.
  • I don’t expect honesty from people who lie to themselves.
  • I’ve stopped allowing people to make me feel bad for choosing not to tolerate their conduct any more.
  • I accept people as they are, but now place them where they belong.
  • I can’t control what happens to me, but I can control my responses: got to know when to let s**t go!
  • I am a lot more careful about what I tolerate because I recognise I am teaching people to learn how to treat me in the future.
  • You can travel a lot faster when you realise you can do it alone.
  • I endeavour to be a person of my word and honour my commitments.
  • Underestimate me – that will be fun…!
  • Revenge is not my thing, you will f**k yourself on your own.

If you are struggling with things and feel we can help you in any way, please reach out. We are good listeners.



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